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Edges and Drinks 2023 RECAP | Edges and Drinks TV

The Origin Story | E&D Wednesday LIVE | Jan. 3rd 


Every Wednesday our founder Miriam Nabunya goes live on our Instagram and Facebook page, highlighting issues and topics that concern Black and Brown women in the Nordics.

In the transition from 2023 to 2024 Miriam introduced us to the word of the year that we as a collective are going to use as a compass throughout 2024. OVERFLOW- Is the word of the year.

You will be hearing, seeing and hopefully, feeling it throughout all of our conversations, gatherings and encounters until it is a part of the life of BIWOC in the Nordics.

7 Strategies for becoming a Change-Makers | E&D Wednesday Live |March 20th

The complex TOXICITY of being black in the nordics | E&D Wednesday Live | March 13th

4 Keys on how Community building will make your life richer | E&D Wednesday Live | Feb. 28th

Celebrating our AfroNordic Sheros | E&D Wednesday LIVE | March 6th

Keys to becoming a first responder | E&D Wednesday LIVE | Feb. 7th

What´s Good sis! | E&D monthly community gathering | For Black and Brown women in the Nordics


This segment on E&D TV is all about paying homage to our wonderful partners and sponsors that stand as beacons of positive change. We take immense pride in collaborating with individuals and organizations that share our vision, tirelessly contributing to the enhancement of our global nordic community. Together, we've woven a tapestry of transformation where businesses have sprung to life, where the well-being of Black women has been elevated to the forefront, and where representation and community-building shine as the guiding stars. This alliance has been instrumental in cultivating the society we aspire to live in – inclusive, supportive, and vibrant.

Youssou Diop of Njokobok (SN/NO) | E&D Partner´s Corner

For Edges and Drinks, Youssou Diop and his Njokobok team, have been supporting catalysts from the very beginning and continues to support the vision of connecting, equipping and celebrating black and brown women in the nordics. It´s our pleasure for you to know more about this amazing place, he´s amazing cuisine and just how much he loves building his community.

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