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"What you water grows"

Bloom Online: Strategies for Women
w. Laverne Wyatt
E&D ZOOM Lives ​| April 10th
Part 1

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Join us on April 10th for a transformative Zoom live session with branding specialist Laverne Wyatt, hosted by Miriam Nabunya, founder of Edges and Drinks.


Laverne Wyatt brings a wealth of experience from the corporate world, where she has witnessed the incredible potential of women. She believes that when women bloom online, they not only empower themselves but also uplift those around them. As a branding specialist, Laverne helps women elegantly express their ideas and navigate the digital space with confidence.


During our exclusive Zoom live session, Laverne will share valuable strategies on how to bloom online during individual 1:1 sessions with each participant. Together with Miriam, she will delve into mindset roadblocks that may be hindering you from fully expressing yourself both online and in life. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a professional looking to enhance your online presence, or simply seeking personal growth, this session is for you.


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What´s love got to do with it in the era of the independent and unapologetic black & brown woman?
Part 2

Join us as we go deeper into our February theme: Relationships and Healing while black in the Nordics. We're thrilled to introduce you to a rare gem, Jankeh Njie.

      For over 5 years, Jankeh has kept a low profile, much like Beyoncé, while passionately pursuing her calling, raising her daughter, and fostering career and business opportunities for youth, entrepreneurs, and creatives in The Gambia.

      Born in Norway to supportive Gambian parents, Jankeh's upbringing instilled unwavering values. At just 18, she founded Jarga Design, a luxury brand crafting handbags in Africa. Her journey as a speaker began in Norway and extended globally. Three years ago, after two decades in the diaspora, Jankeh followed her instincts and relocated to Banjul, The Gambia.

In this exclusive Zoom Live session, Jankeh, alongside our host Miriam Nabunya and you, will explore the power of healthy black family structures, the delicate balance between love and work, and her commitment to creating safe spaces in all her endeavors. Don't miss this unique opportunity to engage in a candid conversation about Healing, Relationships, and Love in the era of the independent and unapologetic black woman. Register now for an unforgettable experience.

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What´s love got to do with it in the era of the independent black & brown woman?
Part 1

Join our valentines day special as we meet Agatha Joyce, a grown lady, mother of three, divorcee, community builder and chair person in the Ugandan Association in Norway.

Madam Agatha Joyce has many years experiences  as a bold contributor in the work of connecting our many and various African communities in Norway. All of these achievements whilst also guiding, empowering and supporting minority women and girls through her multiple government and private, initiatives on the path to finding themselves and their place in the Nordic society.

It's a tremendous honour to have her guesting our private Zoom Live session on the actual Valentine's Day. She we will, together with our host Miriam Nabunya and share some of her lessons a long the way to allowing herself to love, trust and be loved. We will deep dive into What´s Love got to do with it IN the waiting season.
Register to join this once in a lifetime transparent session about Healing, Relationships and Love in the era of the independent woman.

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An Introduction to VISION BOARDING

🚀 Join us on January 24th for 'An Introduction to Vision Boarding' with the amazing Tendai Chagweda (ZWE/UK). Catch a glimpse of what she'll be sharing by tuning into last week's IG & FB Live with Miriam. Ready to transform your goals? Don't miss this empowering session! 💫


Tendai is a Transformational Coach, DJ Teacher and International Rollerskating DJ. She helps people transform their vision to reality through the power of (positive) thought and goal setting, using Vision Boards and the Law of Attraction to determine and achieve their purpose to lead happier, balanced lives.


She delivers workshops and talks for organisations and groups and has a wealth of experience working with people from all backgrounds; from Corporate to local community.

Her mission is to assist other people and organisations to transform their Vision2Reality; Be it through music, social media or Vision Boards. &

Insta, Facebook & X:

@Quest4SuccessUK @PetiteDJ X: (@InspiringDJs)

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