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What does Edges and Drinks actually mean, and why did we decide to create an entire movement around it?

Over the course of many years, service expert,  life coach and Cultural Entrepreneur Miriam Nabunya had been struggling with her self image as an entrepreneur, as a black woman in the global nordic and as a self due to recurring hair loss. This might not sound “as a big deal”, but for a black woman it tampers with one's self confidence leading to many years of destructive “protective hairstyles'.  However, June of 2017, She began to seek professional help to nourish her roots in order to achieve healthy and strong hair growth and while also learning to take better care of herself as a whole. THIS changed her life drastically for the better, and it called for a celebration of growth, personal development and love of self with the title “Edges and Drinks”

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December of 2021 Miriam reached out to major player Lalla Coulibaly of the well known curly hair platform Krø, the game changing curly hair certification program Krølleløftet, and the latest addition to her portfolio; The Daba, to help put together this celebratory event. As Lalla, indeed is a major player, she thought bigger and bolder, therefore brought onboard The Daba Co- Founder; Olimata Jeng. Olimata is the founder and facilitator of the first Norwegian safe space on Facebook for melanated women in Norway seeking advice and sharing knowledge about their textured hair called Norwegian Naturals.

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Olimata and Lalla could resonate with the majority of Miriam`s journey. Chances had been taken, opportunities granted and because of such, they found themselves in a position where some of their biggest dreams were within arms reach. As these three powerhouses came together, they quickly understood the potential of their partnership and most importantly, the importance of Edges and Drinks for the melanated women in the global north. There and then, the foundations of Edges and Drinks were sat. 

THE MISSION of Edges and Drinks is to 
Unapologetically connect, equip, and celebrate black and brown women, and non-binaries in the global north. 
  • Connecting (Sisterhood) with other sisters on a similar journey in search of a safe space and fruitful relationships. E&D are committed to creating a community across the nordic countries that empowers, supports, and lifts one another up as we climb towards collective and individual growth.

  • Equipping and empowering (Service) you to grow beyond description and take bolder actions towards the life and reality you desire.

  • Celebrating (Healing)you and us through various event concepts, compelling and editorial lineups, collaborations and because it´s way overdue.

THE VISION for Edges and Drinks is to cultivate transformational experiences that redefine sisterhood and what it is to be a black and brown woman in the nordics.
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