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Thank you to every one that joined and helped make this evening unforgettable.

"What an AMAZING event. We need more spaces like these!"

- Said by one of our attending guests.

In the radiant glow of unity, there's a transformative power when black and brown women get-together, and we cherish every moment of it. The Equipping the Women of Tomorrow Gala that took place on march 9th, exceeded all expectations and left us in awe!

For seven remarkable hours, approximately 70 women and children gathered at Forandringshuset Grønland, igniting a journey of growth, empowerment, and solidarity. Laughter echoed, stories intertwined, and connections deepened as we embarked on this empowering journey together. But above all, we forged a bond of sisterhood, a force to be reckoned with.

Our panelists, moderators, and hosts created an environment of profound vulnerability and radical awakening. What transpired was not merely an event, but a pivotal moment in the narrative of black and brown women—a collective shift towards liberation and greatness. For when one of us triumphs, we all rise!

A big thank you to all our generous collaborators;

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