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Calling All Visionaries:
Be a Part of Edges and Drinks 2023 Showcase! 

Are you ready to shine on a stage that celebrates your uniqueness and creativity?

Join us at Edges and Drinks 2024 – a groundbreaking event that honors afro-nordic sisterhood, the beauty of afro-textured hair, and the richness of black history in the diaspora.

Afro-textured hair professionals in the Nordics- 🌟 Embark on a Journey of Afro-Nordic Excellence: Showcase Your Interpretation of the Theme! 🌟

🎉 Ready to Shine? Be a Part of the Extraordinary Showcase at Edges and Drinks 2023! 🎉

At Edges and Drinks 2023, we invite you to bring your creative brilliance to life as you interpret this year's theme: Afro-Nordic Excellence. Imagine the stage as your canvas, ready for your unique expression to captivate hearts and minds across the Nordics.

🌈 Why Showcasing with Us is Unmissable:

✨ Pioneer of Excellence: Become a trailblazer in the remarkable journey of Afro-Nordic Excellence, showcasing your interpretation on a stage like no other.

🌟 Expert Panel Selection: An elite panel of experts is poised to select only 5 showcases from across the Nordics. This is your chance to shine among the chosen few.

🎗 Collaboration: Each selected showcase will feature 5 models, creating a powerful ensemble that radiates unity, pride, and creativity.

🎨 Supplies and Support: We're here to empower your vision. You'll have access to local models, essential products, and supplies to bring your interpretation to life.

🌍 Travel and Accommodation: Your journey to the event will be hassle-free. We're covering travel, accommodation, and food expenses for you and your assistant.

📅 Important Dates:

  • Deadline: Submit your masterpiece by September 4th. 

  • Notification: All participants will be notified via email by Monday, September 11th, receiving further details about rehearsals and event preparation.

🤔 Inquiries or Information: We're here to support you. Reach out to us at or call us at +47 930 86 968. Your creative journey matters to us! NOTE: Registrations are now closed!

🎭 This is Your Time: Let your interpretation of Afro-Nordic Excellence dazzle the stage. Showcase your vision, celebrate culture, and inspire generations. Join us as a showcaser and become an unforgettable part of Edges and Drinks 2023!

#ShowcaseExcellence #EdgesAndDrinks2023 #AfroNordicPride

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🌟Model the Future 🌟

Elevate your presence on the grandest stage of celebration and empowerment! We're excited to extend an exclusive invitation to models who want to be part of the groundbreaking Edges and Drinks 2023 event. A unique occasion dedicated to afro-nordic sisterhood, the beauty of afro-textured hair, and the incredible tapestry of black history in the diaspora.

Why become an E&D Model?

Lead the Way: Take your place at the forefront of a historic movement – the very first of its kind in the Nordics – and let your confidence shine.

🎉 Unleash Your Essence: Showcase your individuality and pride in your afro-textured hair, be a beacon of strength for afro-nordic sisterhood, and illuminate the richness of black history.

💃 Catwalk of Unity: Walk a runway that symbolizes unity, diversity, and empowerment, and contribute to an event that champions change.

📸 Capture Iconic Moments: Stand tall in front of a captivated audience and be captured in the spotlight by photographers and media, leaving a lasting legacy.

🤝 Forge Connections: Forge connections with fellow models, artists, and creators, building a network that can uplift and inspire beyond the event.

🎁 Pave the Path: Lead by example and pave the path for future generations, setting a new standard of representation and celebration.

👉 How to register:
Your journey begins with a simple step – by filling out the registration form below.

NOTE: Registrations are now closed!

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