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Afro-Nordic Excellence


There's a profound beauty in the unity of black women, as they come together to champion their self-worth, foster a sense of belonging, and ignite social transformation in a world that often overlooks their significance. My heart brims with gratitude for every soul who graced us with their presence this past Sunday, making the second edition of Edges and Drinks an unforgettable gathering.

As I mentioned in my opening remarks, there is nothing quite as rewarding and fulfilling as embarking on this journey alongside our cherished community. To every member of our dedicated team, you are the unsung heroes, the driving force behind all that we've accomplished. Without your unwavering support, none of this would have been possible.

Edges and Drinks 2023 stands as a beacon of hope, a testament to the boundless strength that emerges when we stand together as a community. It is a heartfelt declaration of the resounding power that we wield when united in purpose.

Thank you to every singel one of you that came, to those of you that entrusted us with your babies for the very first, of many, Edges and Connection Children´s program, to our workshop facilitators, our panelists, host, showcasers, beautiful models, and lastly, to all of our wonderful and generous partners;










With love,

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