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Registration of showcasers (hairdressers)
Event participation
Have you participated in fashion shows or similar events before?
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Are you available on the scheduled date and times of the event? Sentralen in Oslo, Norway September 30th (Rehearsals) and October 1st (Event day) 2023
Will you be showcasing with the models provided by the event organizers?( Own models at your own expense)
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Modeling and Styling: Which texture of hair will you style? - Choose the one most applicable to your showcase.
Work Ethics and Attitude
Data and Privacy

At Edges and Drink, we take your privacy and data security seriously. As part of our commitment to ensuring the confidentiality of your personal information, we want to assure you that your data will be handled in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

We will retain your data for a period of two weeks following the conclusion of the second edition of the Edges and Drinks 2023. After the retention period your data will be promptly and surely deleted from our records.

Consent and Agreement

By submitting this registration form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the teams and conditions of the participation in the Edges and Drinks Event 2023

Consent and Agreement
  • Please send your application by Septemeber 4th, 2023.

  • All participants will be notified via email by September 11th, 2023 and will receive further details about rehearsals and event preparation.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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