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Welcome to our community gathering What´s Good Sis! #2

This march is a special month for us as it´s AfroNordic Women´s month. We are shining a spotlight on AfroNordic women who are driving positive change in Nordic society, enhancing our collective experience in the region. So we’ve got something special planned for the second edition of What´s Good sis! 

Get ready for a brunch experience like no other, where laughter fills the air, connections are forged, and the strength of community is celebrated. You can expect African food, tantalising music and an authentic none alcohol welcome drink for you and your little one(s).
Founder Miriam Nabunya and the E&D What´s Good Sis! team will warmly welcome you at the door, encouraging you to forge new connections, participate in empowering discussions, and embrace the enriching sisterhood that naturally blossoms when black women gather.

*Children from 0-12 are welcome and we have a special program for your little one(s).


What´s Good sis! for when you as a black or brown woman in Oslo, Norway are looking for a supportive community

Indulge in delicious food, sip on refreshing drinks, and bask in the warmth of sisterhood as we build bridges and amplify the voices of those paving the way for change. This event is all about embracing who you are and celebrating each other's uniqueness.

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