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Welcome to our first #WhatsGoodSis? community gathering!
It´s gonna be a brunch-like check in with your fellow sisters and you can expect African food, tantalising music and an authentic none alcohol welcome drink for you and your little one(s).
Founder Miriam Nabunya and guest + the E&D team will receive you and encourage you to make new friends, engage in empowering conversations and ease into the fruitful sisterhood that we tend to create when black women get together.

*Children from 0-12 are welcome.
Program TBA.

February 24th, 11:30-15:00 at 
Forandringshuset Grønland, Grønlandsleiret 41, 0190 Oslo, Norway.

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What´s Good Sis? is sponsored by Njokobok
For Edges and Drinks, Youssou Diop and his Njokobok team, have been supporting catalysts from the very beginning and continues to support the vision of connecting, equipping and celebrating black and brown women in the nordics.

The financial means from Njokobok will go to engaging and offering afro-descendant female chefs micro-jobs as caterers for each gathering throughout 2024. Yet, an amazing opportunity to strengthen our community, for the professional chefs to advertise and showcase their talents, and possibly get new clients for more future collaborations.

Youssou Diop of Njokobok (SN/NO) | E&D Partner´s Corner

 It´s our pleasure for you to know more about this amazing place, the visionary behind it, he´s amazing cuisine, and just how much he loves building his community.

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