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Edges and Connection Children´s Program

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Welcome To

A one-of-a-kind children's program designed exclusively for young minds aged 6-12 from Black and Brown communities.


Our mission is to nurture a safe, empowering space where self-realization, openness, playfulness, and growth are celebrated. We believe in the power of community and the potential of each child within it.


Join us on a journey of discovery, creativity, and togetherness as we foster a sense of belonging and confidence in the hearts of our young ones. Together, we'll inspire dreams, kindle curiosity, and build a brighter future.

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Drawing Room

Here, children will have the opportunity to draw their own pictures or color printouts featuring Black children engaged in various activities that we will have available.

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Street Dance and Hip-Hop Workshop

We will organize this workshop twice during during the day, allowing parents to join if they wish. However, they should not loiter or hangout in the children's department.

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Outdoor Activities

Our producer, Maria Jones, who is also in charge of the entire department, has prepared different games for the children to get to know each other while enjoying fresh air. This will take place at a playground 3 minutes from Sentralen.

Tree Hugger

With the assistance of an adult, children will write notes with things they wish for or would like to see in their communities, at home, or in their lives in general.

                   Wishing Tree

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In collaboration with, we have children´s photo booth, which we will staff to help children take as many pictures as they want during the day. These photos will be stored in a database that only the Edges and Drinks administration and the parents will have access to after the event.

                     Photo Booth

               FOOD: Lunch

East and West African cuisine: Jollof rice with chicken stew, oven-baked vegetables, and salad.

Snack Food


Juice, they will get their own named water bottles to stay hydrated, plantain chips, vegetables, and a little bit of candy. 

* We won´t have any nuts to eliminate any allergic crises.

 Get your "Mommy and Me" Ticket NOW. Are you coming with more than one child, then get one "Family add-on" for child no. 2 and another one for no. 3 etc.

– THIS is your cue to treat yourself and your babies. It's time, sis. Secure your spots now!

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